Transforming genuine passion into real businesses

Just do what you love.
I’ll give it shape.

You know what you do well,

but how do you make it “a thing?”

Let me help you mold your passion
into a sustainable business
with a place in the world.

You know what you do well, but how do you make it “a thing?”

Visionaries, artists, counselors, inventors, spiritual healers. You may be any of these things at heart, but you may also have a day job. Inspiration isn’t a problem, but how do you take root in the world and start to be recognized for what you do best? Taking the first steps can be daunting, and many of us have trouble navigating the regular marketing and social media activity that starts to mold a legitimate business in the eyes of the world. I can help you get started and, soon enough, break through to solidify the recognition that your business deserves.

“It must be possible, but I can’t figure out how to make this into a real job.”


“When people ask me what I do, I can’t explain it.”


“I know I do this well, but I feel like I’m floundering.”

Don’t let doubts crowd out your vision.

We will:
•  Translate your passion into a concrete marketing plan.
•  Create a safe, fun space to explore and bring your vision to life.
•  Navigate the marketing and social media worlds.
•  Maintain momentum and perspective when things get challenging.

One-on-One Counseling

Get inspired with a personal coaching session!

Group Coaching

Bake a cake full of rainbows!


Find direction and learn valuable skills!

Francesca makes marketing natural.

Spirituality is a deeply personal experience, sacred and silent, intimate and inherently private. That’s why it can feel strange to start working in spirituality, combining it with commerce. Ideally, it shouldn’t be a problem: as a spiritual teacher, I know that the abundance found within through inner exploration is worth more than anything in the world. But so often profit and material gain start to overshadow genuine intentions, and the spirit is warped by commerce.

Francesca is the perfect publicist for me because she gets it. She understands that you have to get the word out, but that authenticity is more important. She navigates the fine line between marketing genuine spirituality and selling one’s soul. And it’s just her nature to talk to everyone and bring passion to each conversation. That fire for connection and conversation makes marketing natural for her and, through her, natural for me.

Francesca is the brand manager I’ve always wanted!

I have a podcast about dreams, spirituality, and living authentically, so I knew it would take a very particular type of coach to guide me and my business and I feel so fortunate to have found that person in Francesca! She is grounded in a true sense of manifestation and genuinely understands and cares for my vision, yet she also has the practical knowledge to navigate the stormy seas of social media.

I’ve always had the fire and motivation to follow my passion, yet I lacked direction, focus, and longevity and would always get burnt out shortly after starting. Francesca is able to nurture my passion, while providing structure and tempering my impatience so that I maintain my enthusiasm and energy and stay connected to my purpose.

Francesca is truly the brand manager of my dreams!

Put the “why” in “cry”

Here’s a secret that isn’t: sometimes I cry in bed at night. Then I talk to Francesca, and suddenly I feel ready to set my dreams on fire and get crack-a-lackin’. Just amazing. A MA ZING. Call Miss Cleo today.

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